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Are you able to offer transcriptions of the pieces you sell here?

All the pieces of John Szkutko are available for transcriptions. Other composers works maybe transcribed at the discretion of the composer.

Depending on the piece and its instrumentation, transcriptions may take a day, a week or much more time to be completed.

Transcriptions may or may not require a payment. This will be at the discretion of the composer.

General Information

Music Sales

  • All music of John Szkutko is available only from iTubaOnline.com
  • Some of the other composers use iTubaOnline.com as part of their distribution network.
  • Some composers may use iTubaOnline.com as the sole distributor for certain individual works or their entire catalogue.
  • ALL MUSIC SOLD from iTubaOnline.com will be stamped with the purchaser’s name, address and email address.


  • All composers retain full copyright for their works.
  • iTubaOnline.com is a distribution hub for original brass instrumental music.
  • Copying and redistributing music purchased, without payment to the composer is a breach of copyright. If caught, prosecution may occur.

Order Problems

  • If there is any issue with an order, please contact iTubaOnline.com as soon as possible, with detailed information about your issue. In most cases, iTubaOnline.com will resolve all problems with in a 24hour time period.

Blog and Newsletter

  • New works arriving for sale, new transcriptions being available and updates at iTubaOnline.com will be broadcast as they arrive via the site’s BLOG.
  • The newsletter is a monthly collation of the BLOG news plus other interesting and related brass instrumental music information.
  • To stay informed, you can subscribe to both the blog and newsletter.

Affiliate Sales

  • iTubaOnline.com will be offering an affiliate program for music sales.
  • This will help expand iTubaOnline.com‘s sales network and generate greater sales for all composers.
  • It will offer a handsome commission rate for affiliates who have great online sales and marketing skills.

It will be a win win situation for all.

Stay tuned for details.


  • Please feel free to use the share links at the bottom of each page and expand the distribution network of iTubaOnline.com
  • All composers and all iTubaOnline.com affiliates will be most grateful for your gesture and in turn write more original brass music for you and everyone to perform.

Posting Comments

  • All comments and posts to iTubaOnline.com‘s blog and website will be positive and non-derogatory in nature. This will include subject such as the web site, John Szkutko, all composers, their works (both PDF and video) and other poster’s comments and posts. IP addresses of constant negative and derogatory commentators, will be banned.
  • Spamming via comments and posts will be marked as such and banned.

Terms and Conditions – to be accepted by all purchasers of music from iTubaOnline.com

  • Music purchased from iTubaOnline.com is protected under international copyright laws and copyright laws of a composer’s home country. All copyright breaches maybe prosecuted to the full extent of all laws.
  • All purchasers of music from iTubaOnline.com will acknowledge the possible consequences of these laws and will indemnify iTubaOnline.com and John Szkutko from any copyright breaches and prosecution, as a result of the purchaser’s actions after purchasing music from iTubaOnline.com
  • All purchases from iTubaOnline.com are for personal use only. For non profit performances only. eg, school or university recitals, non profits organisations (bands, orchestras, ensembles).
  • For professional performances, CD and DVD recordings, please contact iTubaOnline.com for conditions and details of permissions.
  • To help prevent file sharing and help reduce copyright breach issues, your purchased PDF files will be stamped with your name, street address and your email address, on each page.
  • Purchasers will not re edit music purchased from iTubaOnline.com in any form, including the removal of the purchaser’s details stamping.
  • All purchasers of music from iTubaOnline.com will automatically be subscribed to the web site’s newsletter. An unsubscribe link is always available with each newsletter delivery.


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