Happy New Year 2012

It’s now 2012 and it will be the best year ever for everyone.

How so? you maybe asking of my general statement.

While we can’t do much about natural disasters, we can learn from our own mistakes and improve our lives immensely. If you don’t think you made any mistakes, simply ask yourself, “what can I improve on and make myself even better”?

Always maintain a positive outlook with your life, it’s much better than the alternative.

“How do I do that, when my life is miserable?” you may ask.

Easy, simply think of a previous experience that made you so happy, you cried and jumped for joy. Re live this moment, jump and cry again, when you feel down and out.

Simple, isn’t it? If you think it’s too simple and won’t work try this. Every morning you wake up, re live the worst moment of your life, then see how you feel!

Life can be simple, if you want it to be. Then you have a choice each and every morning… start your day with happy thoughts, or the alternative.

It’s your choice!

iTubaOnine.com was built in and among regular “work” days and nights involved with over 5 different ensembles throughout 2011. At the same time I was continuing a wonderful relationship with my partner. Add to this, technical difficulties with 4 previous host servers to host this site.

This site is now operational and I am looking forward to working alongside many other composers, increasing the availability of new works for brass instruments and ensembles.

I’m starting each and every day of 2012… happy. How will you?

Best wishes for a most remarkable new year

John Szkutko
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